Graduate Advising

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) at CU Denver offers a wide range of graduate coursework, certificates and micro-credentials, and degrees. Our graduate programs provide students with the opportunity to work with cutting-edge facilities and renowned faculty. In addition to high-quality classroom instruction, graduate students are encouraged to take opportunities to participate in seminars, workshops, and experiential opportunities to develop additional real-world skills necessary to successfully transition into their careers.

CLAS offers five PhD programs, 20 master's programs and 15 graduate certificates. Information on the range of degree programs includes links to contact information for Graduate Directors and program descriptions in each program and department below.

  • 2023-2024 Graduation Deadlines - Reference this sheet in the semester in which you will graduate to stay abreast of the requirements and deadlines.
  • Application for Candidacy - This form is submitted by doctoral students two weeks ahead of their comprehensive exam, and submitted by Master's students by the published deadline in the semester in which they will graduate. Please make sure it is typed and once signed by you, your Advisor, and Program Director, please submit to
  • Exam Request Form - This form should be submitted two weeks ahead of your final thesis/dissertation defense or project/portfolio presentation. Doctoral students (only) are additionally required to submit it two weeks ahead of their comprehensive exam, along with their application to candidacy. Once completed and signed, please submit to
  • Intercampus Enrollment Form - Please use this form to enroll in courses at the University of Colorado Boulder or Colorado Springs campuses. Once signed by you and your Program Director, please submit to Your Program Director may sign in the "Home campus dean's signature" line. Please confirm with your Program Director that the course you are taking will be approved toward your graduate degree program.
  • Leave of Absence Request Form - Please use this form to request a leave of absence from your program (requests may not exceed one year). Once completed with all required signatures, please submit to
  • Schedule Adjustment Form - Please use this form only when registration options are not available on your student portal (UCDAccess) or when signatures are required for adding or dropping. Once signed by you and your instructor, please  submit to (please leave authority signature blank).
  • Special Processing Form - Please use this form to register for independent study, thesis, dissertation, directed research, practicum, internship credits, etc. Once signed by you and your instructor, please submit to (please leave authority name and signature blank).

Student Advising

All students are likely to be assigned a faculty mentor or advisor. However, please note that your Program Director also serves as a graduate advisor by default to support you through your program. To find your Program Director and/or Program Administrator, please select your program in the selector below