Transcend Scientific Disciplines

The Master's program in Integrated Sciences is a unique educational opportunity, with a focused dual degree plan of study to broaden scientific horizons, experience, and discovery. Students take courses from two or three academic disciplines, identify a mentor, and have the flexibility to complete a master’s capstone thesis or project. The signature aspect of the program is that the capstone experience integrates the course content into a unified program of research, providing the student with a wholesome resume of experience.

Students in the Master of Integrated Science (MIS) program have the opportunity to take courses from various areas in the natural and physical sciences, such as biology, chemistry, geology, physics, mathematics, and computer science.

Expand Your Career Opportunities

In a program m designed for professional growth, students develop an extensive suite of transferable skills across multiple disciplines. Students will build a versatile skill set in research methods, laboratory and field techniques, critical thinking and problem-solving, and numeric and statistical techniques through coursework, research, and faculty collaboration. Health science professionals have used the program to enhance their existing credentials with a master's degree designed around biochemistry, biophysics, or computational biology, thus increasing their desirability to Ph.D. and MD programs.

Upon graduation, our Alumni have pursued careers in:

  • Astrophysics
  • Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Computational Biology
  • Engineering
  • Technology Development
  • Public Health Administration

Our Alumni

We are proud of our outstanding alumni, who are the best examples of student success from the Master of Integrated Science program!