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Master of Integrated Science (MIS) students are as diverse as our curriculum. Our curriculum is ideal for those interested in bridging the traditional barriers of science disciplines as it prepares students for a broad range of careers that require skills in multiple disciplines and fields. Some prospective students are already working in a technical environment with an interest in higher-level research activities. Others are educators looking to enhance their proficiency across disciplines that will prepare them for teaching opportunities such as CU Succeed and other concurrent enrollment programs.

Who Should Apply

Students inducted into our MIS program often have backgrounds in the traditional fields of Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Physical Geology.

The MIS degree is designed for students who plan to pursue scientific knowledge in fields that do not fit traditional categories or those who seek competency in multiple scientific disciplines and can be a unique option for those with dual undergraduate degrees. Our program is especially attractive to graduating double majors seeking a master’s program that will allow them to further explore their dual interests through graduate school. Health science professionals have used the program to enhance their existing credentials with a Master’s degree designed around biochemistry, biophysics, or computational biology, thus increasing their desirability to Ph.D. and MD programs.

Please visit the Admissions Page for more information about application requirements and materials.