The MIS curriculum is ideal for students interested in bridging the traditional barriers of science disciplines. It is perfect preparation for a broad range of careers that require skills in multiple areas, disciplines, and fields.

MIS students are as diverse as our curriculum. Some are already working in a technical environment with an interest in higher-level research activities. Others are educators looking to enhance their proficiency across disciplines that will prepare them for teaching opportunities such as CU Succeed and other concurrent enrollment programs. 

Our program is especially attractive to graduating double majors seeking a Master’s program that will allow them to further explore their dual interests through graduate school. Health science professionals have used the program to enhance their existing credentials with a Master’s degree designed around biochemistry, biophysics, or computational biology, thus increasing their desirability to PhD and MD programs.

MIS is now part of the Western Regional Graduate Program. If you are not from Colorado you may still be eligible for in-state tuition. Please visit the Admissions Page for more Information. 

Degree Requirements:

Minimum Hours

Students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours, of which 3-4 must be project hours or 4-6 must be thesis hours. In accordance with Graduate School rules, a minimum of 24 hours must be at the 5000+ level.

All classes applied toward the degree must be related to the student’s stated program goal and be approved as part of a program of study by the program director. The student is responsible for insuring that all prerequisite requirements for the classes they take have been met. 


Core Requirements

The single required course is MINS 5200, which is the Research Methods in Interdisciplinary Sciences. MIS students must enroll in the course within the first year of matriculation. The MINS 5200 course is offered each Fall semester.


Interdisciplinary Requirement

Students are required to take classes in a minimum of two areas and maximum of three areas within the disciplines of computer science, math, chemistry, biology, physics or geology. With approval, students may take a maximum of six hours at the 4000+ level in one other school or college. 


Depth Requirement

The student must designate a primary area. The student must take a minimum of nine semester hours in the chosen area of concentration.


Project or Thesis

All students must conduct independent research that results in either a thesis or project, which is presented to their committee in written form and is subject to an oral defense.


Graduate Advisor and Project Committee

All candidates for the master of integrated sciences degree must select a faculty advisor and two other faculty members to serve with the advisor as the candidate’s graduate committee. The committee members must be part of the graduate faculty and approved by the program director. The name of the faculty advisor must be submitted to the MIS director no later than two semesters following admission to the program.