PhD in Applied Mathematics

Our PhD in Applied Mathematics program provides comprehensive training in applied mathematics and/or statistics and opportunities for cutting-edge research in close collaboration with internationally recognized scholars in the fields of

  • Computational Mathematics
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Optimization and Operations Research
  • Probability
  • Statistics

Some highlights of our exciting research projects include evolutionary dynamics, climate modeling, wildfire simulations, machine learning, genetic inheritance and association, optimization in data analysis, and more. Current research funding includes grants from NSF, NIH, DoD, and NASA.

The degree is designed to give students a contemporary, comprehensive education in subjects such as high-performance computing, numerical analysis, optimization, statistical methods, and operations research. In all of its activities, the department embodies the outlook that mathematics, statistics, computing, and data science are powerful tools that can be used to solve problems of immediate and practical importance. Our program emphasizes the training of skills valued by many employers. These skills include problem solving, critical thinking, analysis, facility with data, the ability to process quantitative information, and most important of all, the ability to learn and master new skills and concepts quickly. These strengths make our students highly marketable for careers in industry as well as in academia. Scholarships and assistantships​ for graduate students are available and awarded competitively.​​