Mathematical & Statistical Sciences




Mission Statement: 

As part of the broader mission of the University of Colorado (CU) system, the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at CU Denver is committed to serving the public interest in pursuit of excellence in teaching and research with an emphasis on increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the mathematical and statistical sciences.

The department maintains undergraduate and graduate curriculum that facilitates the intellectual growth of a diverse body of students at all levels. Our curricula prepares undergraduate students to be integral members of the growing STEM workforce in Colorado, the U.S., and the world. The department is preparing its graduate students not only for research and teaching careers in academia but also for a wide-array of successful careers as computational and data scientists within industry and government. 

The department is living up to the designation of CU Denver as a research university with both its research and the PhD program in Applied Mathematics. We are building a strong research reputation nationally and internationally with many faculty receiving competitive external research funding that support a significant proportion of graduate students.