(1/31/2019) PhD student Lucas Ortiz participated at the Denver / Anschutz Intercampus 3-Minute Talk Competition on Friday January 25th 2019. Congratulations to Lucas for qualifying to the event only three representatives of the campus were allowed and the selection process was very competitive. See the CU Denver Today news article for more information.

(8/8/2018) Michael Ferrara has just been promoted to the rank of Professor. Congratulations to Mike!

(6/28/2018) Joshua French has just been promoted to Associate Professor and granted tenure.  Congratulations to Josh!

(5/31/2018)  Stephanie Santorico is one of the two 2018 awardees for the Dean's Doctoral  Student Mentoring Award . Congratulations to Stephanie!  This award honors a member of the Denver Campus faculty who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to mentoring, advising, and supporting graduate students. On behalf of the department, congratulations  and thanks to Stephanie for her dedication to building a supportive academic environment through student mentoring.

(5/31/2018) Yankai Cao (Assistant Professor), Daniel Klie (Instructor), and Adam Spiegler (Senior Instructor) will start in their respective positions in Fall 2018.  Welcome Yankai, Daniel and Adam! We are excited to have you being part of the department.

(5/31/2018) Joshua French went up during Annual Year 2017-2018 for tenure and promotion to Associate Professor. A recommendation from Provost Nairn, with the concurrence of Chancellor Horrell, that Joshua be awarded tenure will be forwarded to President Benson for his approval prior to submission to the Board of Regents for action at their June 22nd 2018 meeting. The award of tenure is subject to final approval by the Board of Regents. Congratulations to Josh! 

(5/31/2018) Steffen Borgwardt went up during Annual Year 2017-2018 for comprehensive review. A recommendation from Provost Nairn that Steffen be reappointed has been forwarded to Chancellor Horrell. The recommendation is subject to final approval by Chancellor Horrell. Congratulations to Steffen! 

(5/31/2018) Troy Butler and Varis Carey obtained internal funding for purchasing a high-end computing server for supporting their research. The cost of the server is $13,832.78. The breakdown of funds is: 1/6th ( $2,305.47 ) from the department, 1/6th ( $2,305.47 ) from the CCM, 1/3rd ( $4,610.92  ) from the College and 1/3rd ( $4,610.92  ) from ORS. Congratulations to Troy and Varis! 

(5/31/2018) The SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics is at the University of Colorado Denver from Monday June 4th to Friday June 8th.  The local organizing committee is Mike Ferrara, Stephen Hartke, Mike Jacobson, and Florian Pfender. For more information, see: All our best wishes to Mike F., Stephen, Mike J., and Flo for the conference.

(5/31/2018) The MAA MathFest is in Denver this year This will be August 1st to 4th in Denver. See:

(5/31/2018) Gary Olson got awarded an internal grant through the CLAS Advancing Curriculum and Teaching (ACT) grant program through his proposal "Active Learning TACTivity Design and Creation for General Education Mathematics Courses." Gary's proposal has been selected to receive an award of $3200.00. The decision was based on the clarity of the proposal and the nature of the project relative to this year's CLAS ACT goal to address low course pass rates, equity gaps in pass rates or other course outcomes, and/or the development and implementation of inclusive teaching practices. Congratulations to Gary.

(5/31/2018) Audrey Hendricks has been accepted to attend the 2018 Data Science Innovation Lab: Mathematical Challenges of Single Cell Dynamics on June 25-29th, 2018 in Bend, Oregon.   The BD2K Training Coordinating Center is organizing an Innovation Lab to foster the development of new interdisciplinary teams via a facilitated and mentored format to tackle the technology and mathematical challenges which are creating roadblocks in utilization of single cell multimodal data acquisition, compatibility, and its wider integration. The Innovation Lab process entails participation in an intensive five-day residential workshop facilitating the development of new early-career biomedical and quantitative investigator teams that will generate multidisciplinary cooperative research programs through a real-time and iterative mentoring process. Congratulations to Audrey. 

(4/20/2018) At the annual Spring meeting of the Colorado Wyoming Chapter of the American Statistical Association, Emileigh Willems (advisor Stephanie Santorico) was awarded the Maurice Davies Award. More information at:  

(4/6/2018) Gary Olson has just won the Excellence in Leadership and Service award at the Campus level.  It is important to note that this award is for all faculty (NTT and TTT).   Only one faculty (TTT or NTT) gets this award each year on the whole campus. This is great! This is a great recognition!    

(4/3/2018) Vincent Herr has just been selected to receive a 2018 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Fellowship.  His selection was based on his demonstrated potential to contribute to strengthening the vitality of the U.S. science and engineering enterprise.  This is a very prestigous award and a first for the department.  Thanks also to Troy Butler, Varis Carey and Jan Mandel for all their support to Vincent. 

(3/23/2018) Michael Ferrara was selected as the Faculty Recipient for the University of Colorado Denver Rosa Parks Diversity Award.   He will be honored at the Rose Parks Diversity Luncheon on April 6, 2017. For more information on this award.

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Published: Aug. 8, 2018

(3/18/2018) Open House - April 26th - Mathematics and Statistics - 4th Floor Student Commons Building. (Organized by Audrey Hendricks, 3/18/2018.)

(3/7/2018) RaKissa Manzanares has just won the 2018 NTTF CLAS Excellence in Teaching award and Gary Olson has won the 2018 CLAS Excellence in Service award.  Gary and RaKissa now move to the next level of competition. Good luck to Gary and RaKissa for the campus level awards!

Research in Mathematics

July 16, 2019

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