(4/20/2018) At the annual Spring meeting of the Colorado Wyoming Chapter of the American Statistical Association, Emileigh Willems (advisor Stephanie Santorico) was awarded the Maurice Davies Award.     More information at: http://community.amstat.org/cwc/awards  (Submitted by Dr Julien Langou 4/24/2018)

(4/06/2018)  Gary Olson has just won the Excellence in Leadership and Service award at the Campus level.  It is important to note that this award is for all faculty (NTT and TTT).   Only one faculty (TTT or NTT) gets this award each year on the whole campus. This is great! This is a great recognition!    (Submitted by Dr Julien Langou 4/24/2018)

(4/3/2018)   Vincent Herr has just been selected to receive a 2018 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Fellowship.  His selection was based on his demonstrated potential to contribute to strengthening the vitality of the U.S. science and engineering enterprise.  This is a very prestigous award and a first for the department.  Thanks also to Dr Troy Butler, Dr Varis Carey and Dr Jan Mandel for all their support to Vincent. (Submitted by Dr Julien Langou 4/3/2018)

(3/23/2018) Dr Michael Ferrara was selected as the Faculty Recipient for the University of Colorado Denver Rosa Parks Diversity Award.   He will be honored at the Rose Parks Diversity Luncheon on April 6, 2017.    For more information on this award.    (Submitted by Dr Julien Langou, 3/23/2018)

(3/18/2018) Open House  - April 26th  -  Mathematics and Statistics -  4th Floor Student Commons Building (Submitted by Dr Audrey Hendricks, 3/18/2018)

(3/07/2018) RaKissa Manzanares has just won the 2018 NTTF CLAS Excellence in Teaching award and Gary Olson has won the 2018 CLAS Excellence in Service award.  Gary and RaKissa now move to the next level of competition. Good luck to Gary and RaKissa for the campus level awards!  (Submitted by Dr Julien Langou, 3/23/2018)