About Us

Welcome to the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences!    We are excited about advancing knowledge through world-class research and quality education on all undergraduate and graduate levels.

Located at the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, in the Mile-High city of Denver, the University of Colorado Denver combines the best aspects of a top notch University with a spectacular urban environment. We are walking distance away from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Colorado Convention Center, the stadiums for each of Denver's four professional sports teams, and the vibrant 16th Street outdoor mall. For those looking to commute via bicycle or public transportation, the Cheery Creek bike trail runs right by our building, several light rail stations border the campus, and the central Union Station for all of Denver public transportation is located only a few blocks away. 

The Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences offers a diverse range of program options and research opportunities. Our programs include a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, an MS in Statistics, an MS and PhD in Applied Mathematics and dual degrees in several fields. We also offer a Statistics Certificate option. In addition, our Undergraduate and Graduat​e programs offer specialization opportunities. Students at all levels are not only exposed to a wide range of mathematical coursework, but are also encouraged to work with faculty and the community. Students and faculty, as well as business organizations, collaborate on interdisciplinary team-based research projects in industrial and applied math.

Our faculty have varied research areas of interest, including computational biology, computational mathematics, discrete mathematics, numerical analysis, operations research, optimization, probability and statistics. Faculty research has produced funding from numerous external sources including the National Science Foundation, National Institutes for Health, and the Department of Defense. Our mission is to provide a quality education to all students at all levels, from service courses through the highest level of Graduate instruction. ​​  

The Graduate Program in Applied Mathematics, one of the first doctoral granting programs at CU Denver and the first in the College, has earned the Program of Excellence designation by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education.  98 PhDs have been awarded since 1987.

Julien Langou