The Zenas Hartvigson Memorial Math Education Resource Center

The Math Education Resource Center (MERC) Lab is a resource center for all students who are enrolled in a math course at University of Colorado Denver (regardless of the course level). The Mathematics Education Resource Center is dedicated to its founder and caretaker for 20 years, Dr. Zenas R. Hartvigson. Zenas was a tireless educator who established the Lab with only an Apple II PC and a few hand-held Texas Instrument calculators. We strive to carry on his tradition.

Some of the services offered in the MERC Lab include:

  • Prerequisite testing
  • Drop-in help subject to availability in NC 4013
  • Access to math software including R, MATLAB and SPSS.
  • PC technology and graphing calculator support
  • PC Computer Instructional lab 

 North Classroom Building, Room 4013 [Phone:  (303)315-1712]    [Click here for Mike Kawai's home page!]

For information about MATH Placement for MATH 1110, 1120, 1130 and 1401 please visit the Academic Advising page below.

We provide help to current students up through Calculus 3.  If you need help with Linear Algebra/Differential Eqns., then ask.  Some of the Assistants may be able to help you.  Also see the Math Help Desk.

Spring 2019 HELP HOURS of Operations (beginning 01/16/2019):
Monday thru Thursday:  10am to 4pm
Saturdays:  10am to 4pm
Closed on Fridays.

PROCTORING HOURS (mainly for our online courses):
Monday/Wednesday:   1pm to 4pm
Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday:  12:30am to 4pm
Designated Sundays (Ask your instructor!):  11am to 6pm