2018 Hall of Fame

National Champions

2nd Place – Senior Paper
Tammy Zhang
“The Conflict of Conservation, Fashion, and Industry: Compromise Between Environmentalists, Women, and the Plume Trade”
School: Fairview High
Teacher: Sean Costello
3rd Place -- Junior Paper
Emery Jansen
“Where the River Runs Dry: Conflict Over Water in the West and the Compromise of the Colorado River Compact”
School: Southern Hills Middle School
Teacher: Zach Crandall
3rd Place -- Junior Individual Website
Catalina Kerwin
“America's Deadlist Prison Uprising: The Failed Compromise at Attica”
School: GALS
Teacher: Ben Slivnick

2018 Journal Authors

“'By the Code of Humanity': Ralph Carr Takes a Stand for Japanese-American Rights During World War II"
Stephanie Reitzig
Niwot High School
"The Marble March: Octavius Thurinus’ Stand to Found an Empire"
Jeremiah Ravenscroft
Bear Creek High School
"Sigmund Freud: Father of Psychoanalysis or Psychotic Leader?"
Tennyson Brown-Wolf
The Peak School
"The Conflict of Conservation, Fashion, and Industry: Compromise Among Conservationists, Women, Milliners, Ornithologists, 
Hunters, and the Plume Trade"
Tammy Zhang
Fairview High School
“'The Bulldozer' of Balkan Diplomacy: Richard Holbrooke’s Role in Bringing Peace to the Balkans" 
Emily Balog
Fairview High School
"The American Gay Rights Movement: From Conflicts to Victories" 
Luke Grabe
SkyView Academy
"Gas Warfare: Compromises over Chemical Weapons in Conflicts and the Geneva Protocol"
Emily Winn
Denver School of the Arts
"From Acadians to Cajuns: How International Conflict Led to the Le Grand Dérangement and Expulsion from Acadia"
Sophie Boileau
Fairview High School

2018 Film Festival Documentarians

"Dalton Trumbo and the Red Scare: The Conflict in Compromising His Freedom for His Beliefs"
Tate McDonald
Broomfield Heights Middle School
Teachers: Paula Coffman & Michael Sparks
2018 State Champion, Junior Individual Documentary
"Governor Ralph L. Carr: The Conflict and Compromise of the Japanses in America"
Spencer Henry, Witt Young & George Bowdouris
Denver School of the Arts
Teacher: Ed Glassman
2018 State Contest 3rd Place, Junior Group Documentary
"The Radium Girls: How Thousands of Women Revolutionized Workplace Safety"
Chloe O'Neill
Denver School of the Arts
Teacher: Ed Glassman
2018 State Contest 3rd Place, Junior Individual Documentary
"Rocky Flats: Uncovering the Cover-Up"
Eva Murdock, Presley Church, Madison Fischer, Leah Yonemoto-Weston & Jordan Appel
Boulder High School
Teacher: Dana Cooksey
2018 State Champion, Senior Group Documentary
"Sexual Slavery: The Horrors of the Korean Comfort Wome"
Madelyn Deakin & Mika Green
Erie High School
Teacher: Ted Goodwin
National Finalists, Senior Group Documentary