2019 Hall of Fame

National Champions

2nd Place – Junior Group Documentary
Elie Musfeldt & Natalie Pujet
“The Apollo I Disaster: The Tragedy that Landed a Man on the Moon"
School: Southern Hills Middle School
Teacher: Jeffrey Sanders
3rd Place -- Junior Group Performance
Sebastian Pujet & Andrew Prazen
“The Monster Who Fed the World: The Trimphs and Tragedies of Fritz Haber"
School: Southern Hills Middle School
Teacher: Zach Crandall

2019 Journal Authors

"The Radium Girls: A Light Amidst Tragedy"
Rebecca Busche
Bear Creek High School
"'A Look Over the Mountain'": The Triumphs of Denver's Five Points Neighborhood"
Luke Ortiz-Grabe
SkyView Academy
"The Native American Mascot Controversy: A Case Study of Eaglebeak the Mascot"
Kathryn Kummel
William T. Palmer High School
"The Impact of Two Baseball Stadiums on Their Cities--Homerun or Strikeout?: A Case Study of Dodger Stadium and Coors Field"
Jack Balaguer
Fairview High School
"China's One Child Policy: A Tragic Cost of Millions of Lives for Economic Development"
Ruby May
St. Columba School
Junior Paper Selection
"Chile's Economic Miracle: The Tragedy of a Neoliberal Myth"
Kian Edmondson
Animas High School
"Popé's Rebellion: A Pueblo Triumph of Resistance and Resurgence"
Anika Escalera
Centennial High School
"Baca Ranch: Aspects of Tragic Exploitation and Features of Triumphant Preservation"
Melody Lipke
Alamosa High School