National History Day in Colorado has moved all Regional Contests online, with the exception of the Mountain Contest. Contingency measures for digital submissions have been implemented and will disrupt the below listed deadlines and costest dates. Please read the below before proceeding, as well as the official statement on our homepage.

COVID-19 Contingency Plan Guidance for Teachers, Parents, & Students

COVID-19 Contingency Plan Guidance for Judges

The Competition Phase

Students who opt to participate in the competition aspect of History Day must first register for a regional contest. First through third place winners from the regional contests will advance to the state contest at the University of Colorado Denver on Auraria Campus in downtown Denver. The first and second place winners in each division and category will have the opportunity to compete against contestants from the United States and territories at the National Contest in College Park Maryland in June.
Regardless of your level in competition, judges will review your project by the same set of standards and guidelines. Enter the Judging Portal to review this information.