The CLAS EPCC consists of: five voting faculty members [one from each academic area (humanities, social sciences, physical/natural sciences and integrated sciences), one at-large voting faculty member, one voting student, ex-officio representatives of the Dean's office and the CLAS Advising Office.

The EPCC is responsible for:

  1. developing and recommending to the Dean new college-wide educational policies
  2. reviewing and recommending to the Dean proposals for new programs and academic projects
  3. reviewing College requirements for degrees.
  4. Changes in CLAS policies regarding drop/add, independent study, college requirements, etc.
  5. Changes in program/track/option/degree/certificate/licensure limited to (other changes can be handled at the department level):
    • change in credit hour requirement for a major, minor, track, option, certificate*
    • change in program/track/option/degree name*
    • change in program type (e.g., from BA to BS or MA to MS**)
    • change in program/track/option/degree requirements such as admission requirements, minimum GPA, graduation requirements (e.g., change in credit hours)
  6. Proposals for new programs/tracks/options/certificates/licensure including:
    • new undergraduate minors*
    • new undergraduate majors**
    • certificate programs (undergraduate & graduate) *
    • new options or tracks in a degree program*
    • new BA or BS programs**
    • new MA or MS programs**
    • new Ph.D. programs**
    • joint programs with other schools/colleges/campuses**
  7. Proposals for the deletion of programs/majors/minors/tracks/options/certificates*
  8. Proposals for new courses and changes to existing courses (including cross-listing, stacked courses, title and description changes, and level changes)

* EPCC reviews proposed policy change/addition/deletion and makes recommendation to the Dean for final approval.

** EPCC reviews the proposal for the new program and makes a recommendation to the Dean who then forwards it to Vice Chancellor and so on up through the Board of Regents (see New Degree Proposal Check List for full details on approval process).