Course and curriculum development in CLAS originates with our faculty at the departmental and/or program level.

Course Scheduling, Curriculum Management and Educational Policy

CLAS Course, Catalog and Policy Management

Course scheduling, curriculum management (course and curriculum changes, catalog editing), and educational policy are managed in CLAS primarily through the two Course and Curriculum Coordinators - Sarah Thompson and Mika Puseman. Their responsibilities include:

  • Scheduling courses and coordinating with rooming for all departments and programs in CLAS
  • Assisting faculty with course and room access issues and instructor assignments in Canvas
  • Serving as points of contact and subject matter experts for scheduling policies and practices
  • Managing the catalog editing process and catalog compliance for all departments in CLAS
  • Liasing between departments and EPCC (as non-voting members of EPCC) to assist with course, curriculum and policy proposals and revision

All CLAS departments have been split between Sarah and Mika. Please see below for a list of who is primarily responsible for each department in CLAS and who to contact with questions, concerns, etc. For all course scheduling and catalog management questions, please reach out to