Our Mission

The CLAS Staff Council advocates for and promotes the interests of CLAS staff through professional development opportunities, building community, and serving in an advisory capacity to the Dean of CLAS in matters of staff interests and needs. Our goal is to promote a positive and collaborative work community. We strive to represent the voice of CLAS staff in college initiatives through education, advocacy, and outreach.

2024-25 Meetings

All staff are welcome to attend our meetings, which are typically hybrid, and held on the first Monday of each month from 11:00 AM-1:30 PM. Please contact Michelle Médal at michelle.medal@ucdenver.edu for details and meeting location or Zoom link. 


2023-24 Staff Shout Outs!

The following CLAS staff were recognized by their colleagues for their contributions to the college and CU Denver! Thank you and congratulations!
Click here to read the nice things people had to say about our CLAS Staff!

Angela Beale, Master of Humanities/Master of Social Sciences
Anne Beard, Department of Sociology
Julie Blunck, Department of Mathematics & Statistical Sciences
Carri Boothe, Dean's Office
Cassandra Buekers, CLAS Advising
Jaimie Carrington, Dean's Office
Erick Chavez-Navarrete, CLAS Advising
Monica Estudillo, Dean's Office
Jenny Fam, International College Beijing
Karen Fennell, Dean's Office
Tabitha Fitzpatrick, Department of History
Cecilio Alvarez Gajewsky, CLAS Advising
Alex Hegg, Dean's Office
Kimberly Hill, Department of Pyschology
Jessica Huerta, CLAS Advising
Phoebe Issacson, CLAS Advising
Megan Jorgenson, Dean's Office
Christie Lukvec, Department of Economics
Michelle Médal, Department of Communication
Brigid O'Dowd, CLAS Advising
Stephanie Puello, Dean's Office
Mika Puseman, Dean's Office
Joanna Ramirez-Darnell, Department of Physics
Maria Rase, Department of Health & Behavioral Sciences
Aleister Rice, Department of Biology
Angela Schmitt, Department of Political Science
Pam Sulsona, Dean's Office
Aman Tewolde, Dean's Office
Sarah Thompson, Dean's Office
Lindsey Tollefson, CLAS Advising
Miriam Venzor, Department of Mathematics & Statistical Sciences
Jon Wilson, CLAS Advising

Staff Council Participation

2024-2025 Election

Consider running for the council next year! Elections are held each spring in May. The strength and vitality of the council stems directly from the people who serve, and each additional perspective is greatly valued. Tentative 2024 election dates are below.

April 25              Nominations open (candidates can self-nominate!)

May 6                  Nominations close

May 10                Election voting opens

May 24                Election voting closes

May 31                Election results announced

July 1                  The council year begins