Faculty Governance

In addition to substantial research and teaching responsibilities, faculty in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences contribute a great deal of time and energy to the difficult business of developing academic policy and serving the institution in its administration. Faculty serve on committees that provide input into promotion and tenure decisions, promote and monitor research activities, make recommendations regarding the use of resources, provide faculty perspectives on issues of student and faculty conduct, evaluate and approve degree programs and courses within the College.

Some of these committees are established by the CU Denver administration to provide required faculty oversight of teaching and research activities. Others assure faculty participation via standing committees established by the CU Denver Faculty Assembly or the CLAS Council. All provide faculty members a voice in shared decision making.

Faculty Assembly

Faculty Assembly (FA) is the elected body that is the official voice of the University of Colorado Denver downtown faculty in shared governance on the campus. FA advises and recommends action to the UC Denver Chancellor and the University of Colorado Faculty Council. The downtown campus Faculty Assembly has five standing committees and four sub-committees that tackle a range of issues that are essential to the growth of the institution and to the quality of the faculty experience.

CLAS Faculty Council

The CLAS Faculty Council is the major deliberative and legislative body of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, consisting of elected representatives from the tenured and tenure-track faculty and instructors and senior instructors. The CLAS Faculty Council is responsible for conveying the will of the faculty to the Dean in matters related to the academic enterprise.

CLAS Chairs and Directors

The CLAS Chairs and Directors meeting includes the CLAS Dean, Associate Deans, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration, and the academic Department Chairs and Directors of degree programs within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Committee Membership

Faculty from across the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences serve on several committees at the college, campus and university levels. Current membership of CLAS faculty on UCD committees is provided in this linked file with committee names and memberships.