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English majors learn to synthesize information and to present their ideas and opinions skillfully. They find employment in fields where the sophisticated use of language is necessary for advancement. Many graduates go on to postgraduate study, not only in writing, film studies and literature, but in medicine, law, education, journalism and business. In today’s job market, as job titles and responsibilities shift constantly, English majors have an advantage because they are used to analyzing situations critically and communicating the results effectively.

Job choices for English majors go beyond the obvious options of teaching, attending graduate school, or becoming a writer, because graduates also excel in many other areas. English majors have learned how to write, analyze material, and communicate effectively, so they work in many different fields, including broadcasting, sales and marketing, management, government and entertainment.

CultureKlatsch's Newest Episode is Out! Ep10: Marketing Mountains: Denver's Urban & Nature Balance

This episode of CultureKlatsch dives into the complex relationship between Denverites and their environment. Specifically, this work explores the dynamic between Colorado's cultural values towards the outdoors versus the actions done to preserve the environment. It looks at the language used to promote "green" culture and the steps being taken (or that have been taken) to show an appreciation for the Rocky Mountains and plains.
We talk to several CU Denver professors--Dr. Rachel Gross from the History Department, Professor Kirsten Christensen and Dr. Benjamin Crawford from the Environmental Science Department, and Dr. Michelle Comstock from the English Department--for their expert opinion on the concepts of green marketing, environmental rhetoric, and urban sustainability or resilience. We explore the history of environmental consciousness and pursue an understanding of our present-day relationship with our environment. 

Listen now on ​​Spotify, ​SoundCloudand Apple Podcasts.

marketing mountains denvers urban nature balance

Departmental Latin Honors

As we near the end of spring semester, the English Department encourages their undergraduates to pursue Latin honors with their English degree. The application process is easy, and we’d be happy to answer any questions that students might have. 

Please reach out to Dr. Pompa Banerjee (pompa.banerjee@ucdenver.edu) in the next few weeks if interested. Dr. Banerjee would be happy to answer questions and assist in the development of a project. There is still plenty of time to apply. You can find the guidelines for pursuing honors at the following website: https://clas.ucdenver.edu/english/latin-honors.

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