Composition Program

About the Composition Program

The Composition Program provides two courses that are part of the CU Denver core curriculum: English 1020 and English 2030. These courses are required of students in all colleges at CU Denver. The Composition Program introduces students to academic conversations at the university and continues the lifelong process of preparing students to engage the many reading and writing opportunities they face in their communities and in the world. An explanation of the goals of English 1020 and 2030, and how they relate, is contained in the Composition Program Outcomes page. For CLEP Test information, click on this link for more information.

In short, English 1020 provides opportunities to write for different purposes and audiences, with an emphasis on learning how to respond to various rhetorical situations; improving critical thinking, reading and writing abilities; understanding various writing processes; and gaining a deeper understanding of language conventions. English 2030 is conceived as a research-based course where argumentative research papers are written, though there are also other important, substantial, and graded writings that build necessary skills. Students in English 2030 meet the goals of English 1020 at a higher level, and they produce polished writing informed by personal, observational, and academic research (rather than simply “reporting” the facts and ideas of others). The passing grade for each course is a C-.


Please contact Miranda Egger, Director of Composition