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Free Workshop: Tackling Common Errors in English Grammar

10/16/19 | CU Denver: This workshop teaches participants how to use revision techniques effectively. Unlike editing, where the writer merely fixes surface errors, revision involves seeing the work in a new light. In this workshop we will explore how to revise a piece, seeing it again in a new way...
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Free Workshop: GRE Essays & Timed Writing Strategies

10/16/19 | CU Denver: In this workshop, attendees will learn the requirements and structure of the two GRE Analytical Writing (essay) questions and explore strategies to succeed on each one. Participants will practice brainstorming and outlining responses to each essay type and will take away information about how the essays...
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Free Workshop: Writing a Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

10/21/19 | CU Denver: This workshop provides an overview of creating a Curriculum Vitae: a specialized academic resume. Designed for both those who are new to CVs and those who are simply interested in revising their current CVs, the workshop provides a basic template for all CVs as well as...


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