Scheduling an Appointment Guide

So you've registered for an account with WCOnline. Now what? 

 First: You should know that WCOnline defaults to what it calls the Standard Display, which allows you to search for appointments using form fields. It looks like this: 

 You can search by date, time, preferred consultant, consultant specializations, or meeting type. Your results may look something like this: 

 Results will show Perfect Matches and Close Matches. Click Reserve on the appointment that is the best fit. If nothing seems right, you can either start your search over with different parameters or join the Waiting List by clicking the button in the top-right corner: 

*Very importantly: The waiting list only notifies you of available appointments; it does not automatically reserve them for you. 

 In Standard Display, you can see and open your appointments via the Today's Appointment box. If you don't have appointments today, it will give you a drop-down of future days. If you don't have appointments on the current schedule, it will show you other schedules where you have appointments: 

 But Wait! You should also know that WCOnline has a Calendar Display that shows the weekly schedule by day/time for the entire semester. To see this view, you can either click the link at the bottom of the Standard Display screen (see below) or change the default view in your Profile & Communication settings: 

 The Calendar Display view looks like this: 

 In this view, you can navigate to previous and later weeks in the semester via buttons in the top-left corner: 

(You can also join the Waiting List by clicking the link beneath each individual day.) 

 To make an appointment in Calendar View, click any white box and fill out all of the form fields: 

 In Calendar Display, you can see your appointments via the My Appointments drop-down at the top of the screen: 

 Once you are logged into a schedule, regardless of Display type, please be sure to read the Schedule Announcements. (Note that on mobile, you will need to click "View the Announcements" at the top of the screen.)