English Careers Advisory Board

Welcome to CU Denver’s English Careers Advisory Board webpage!

The English Careers Advisory Board (ECAB) is a group of professionals who provide career guidance, experiential learning opportunities, and professional networking opportunities for English students.

CU Denver ECAB members work in a range of career fields and roles. All members share a common education background–all are English majors or minors–and a commitment to supporting students. Together, ECAB members exemplify the many different paths that you, as English students, might pursue and explore. 

ECAB members share their expertise in several meaningful ways. ECAB members visit English classes to deliver guest lectures, participate in formal and informal CU Denver sponsored networking events, panels, and readings, and engage one-on-one with students for on-the-job shadowing, informational interviews, mentoring, and more.


  • Provide networking and experiential learning opportunities for English Students 
  • Enrich our curriculum and courses
  • Bridge industry and academia through collaborative partnership

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This page will be updated in August 2023 with bios of current ECAB members and upcoming events. 


ECAB Coordinator:
Kari Campeau