To make an appointment with an English advisor, call 303-315-7830 or email

The College of Liberal Arts and Science (CLAS) utilizes a dual advising system, meaning all declared English majors will have two advisors to guide them. An advisor from the English department will assist students with English major or minor requirements. An assigned academic advisor from the CLAS office can handle educational issues such as clarification of university and college policies and procedures, core curriculum advising, transfer credits evaluation for core curriculum, and academic warning and probation. See the CLAS Advising web page for further information. Click here to view the CLAS core curriculum.

Undergraduate Major Advisors:

Maryann Hoffmann -

Michael McLane -

Undergraduate Honors Advisor:

Pompa Banerjee - 

Graduate Advisor:

Nancy Ciccone -

CTELL Certificate Advisor:

Joanne Addison