Writing Center Staff

The Writing Center at CU Denver is staffed by advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and teachers who have been specifically trained in the theory and practice of writing and tutoring. Our staff has experience across disciplines including but no​​t limited to: business, communications, fiction, history, journalism, literature, philosophy, poetry, political science, psychology, rhetoric, and sociology. Through ongoing professional development seminars, consultants have the opportunity to discuss their tutoring approaches, to receive feedback on their consultations, and to implement new strategies for enhancing their sessions with writers. Many of our consultants teach writing courses for CU Denver, MSUD, CCD, and other schools and universities throughout the Front Range. Our collective years of experience mean that individuals who visit the Writing Center can expect top-quality assistance.

Leadership Team

Justin Bain, Writing Center Director
Justin Bain
Photo of Drew Bixby, Writing Center Assistant Director
Drew Bixby
Assistant Director
Photo of Caitrin Blake
Caitrin Blake
Photo of Emily wearing white shirt
Emily Jessen
Lead Consultant
Photo of Steven Vigil-Roach
Steven Vigil-Roach
Lead Consultant

Professional Writing Consultants

Photo of Neil wearing glasses and smiling
Neil Fitzmaurice
Headshot of Janine Gastineau
Janine Gastineau
Photo of Lyn Poats
Lyn Poats
Brynnah headshot wearing glasses and smiling
Brynnah Runyan
Headshot of Ben Scanlan
Ben Scanlan
Headshot of Rachel Schwabauer
Rachel Schwabauer
Headshot of Lillian Smith
Lillian Smith
Headshot of Crysteaux Sun
Crysteaux Sun

Distance Consultants

Photo of Corey Addison-Taylor
Corey Addison-Taylor
Distance Consultant
Photo of Annie Howley
Annie Howley
Distance Consultant
Photo of Jenn Loyd
Jennifer Loyd
Distance Consultant
Headshot of Bekah Wright wearing a blue shirt and glasses
Bekah Wright
Distance Consultant