Emily Jessen

Photo of Emily wearing white shirt
Lead Consultant

Emily has been calming students’ fears of writing with CU Denver since 2015. She earned a BA in English (poetry) at CU Denver, serving as senior poetry editor for Copper Nickel. She's an INFJ personality type with an unofficial BA in cats and disagrees with Stephen King about adverbs. After graduating, she published poetry in Pleiades, among other journals, and graduated from the DU Publishing Institute. On weekends, she drinks wine and plays board games while not cooking (or bothering to learn), even though technically she's an adult. You might find her out dancing or at a live show if her friends have successfully tricked her into leaving the house. Currently, she's a Lead Consultant at the WC and debating spending her absolute surplus of academia cash on a Master’s degree or a donation towards the re-filming of the final season of “Game of Thrones.”

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