Drew Bixby

Photo of Drew Bixby, Writing Center Assistant Director
Assistant Director

Drew received his BA in Journalism and English from the University of Iowa and his MA in Rhetoric/Teaching Writing from CU Denver. He has three daughters in elementary school, a wife who is an Assistant Principal of an elementary school, and a puppy named Saoirse who would really benefit from more dog school. His cat, Tilly, dropped out of school early to work full-time as an alley-dwelling mouse hunter and food-bowl-isn't-full-enough lecturer. When he dies, he hopes one of his kids will write his obituary and remind people that he loved crunchy peanut butter, Cholula hot sauce, tequila-and-Squirt, being barefoot, driving straight through without stopping, working-class bars with jukeboxes, and eating cereal at night. Drew loves hip hop and wood-burning fires. He fully understands that a future where all drivers zipper merge without angst is about as likely as the U.S. converting to the metric system, but he wholeheartedly believes in it anyway. Because science. Drew is a lifelong writer and decades-long journalist. He wrote a book about Denver's best dive bars. He will tell you that he doesn't like writing but loves having written. Writing is hard. He is bursting with empathy for everyone who chooses or is required to do it. 

Hear Drew pronounce his name!