Lyn Poats

Photo of Lyn Poats

Lyn graduated from CU Denver in 2016 with her BA in Literature and Creative Writing. Naturally, she died from this and continues on at CU Denver as a diligent ghost. She has worked in a semi-solid state at the Writing Center for more than two years. During this time, she has snuck up on people who teach business and science writing, learning how to apply her skills to multiple genres. Writing on film is her favorite, of course, because she’s a ghost and films are filmy. Also, her killer BA is rife with literary and film analysis. A highlight of her solid life was attending the Telluride Film Festival Student Symposium. Lyn believes that all writing is in a state of flux, which she finds empowering. She moans queasy words of encouragement like, “Revision is your forever friend!” to students every day.

Hear Lyn pronounce her name!