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About CU Succeed Ethnic Studies

The CU Succeed Program collaborates with high schools all over Colorado to give students the opportunity to gain exposure to actual, introductory college courses (1000- and 2000-level courses). Students enroll in University of Colorado Denver courses that are located at their high school and taught by qualified instructors (these instructors may be Gold or Silver) at a reduced tuition rate. CU Succeed Ethnic Studies courses are offered at a variety of high schools across the front range and are the same as those offered on the CU Denver campus with respect to their content, the quantity and quality of work required of students, and the standards used to evaluate student learning and performance. CU Succeed Gold instructors are high school teachers who have been certified and granted an adjunct faculty appointment by a CU Denver academic department. These teachers possess the same scholarly qualifications and are held to the same high academic standards as on-campus faculty of the department in which they teach. CU Succeed Silver instructors are University of Colorado Denver lecturers who are placed in Colorado high schools to teach specific courses. Credits students earn in CU Succeed Ethnic Studies courses are University of Colorado Denver credits that are recorded on an official CU Denver transcript, which is identical to that issued to regularly enrolled students on campus. Students should be aware that the courses they take and the grades they earn in them establish a permanent academic record at any of the University of Colorado campuses. To learn more visit CU Denver's official CU Succeed page.

The most commonly taught Ethnic Studies courses are ETST 2000: Introduction to Ethnic Studies (GT Pathways) and ETST 2155: African American History (GT Pathways). However, a variety of other courses are also taught including: ETST 1111: First Year Seminar; ETST 2108: Introduction to Latinx and Chicanx Studies (GT Pathways); ETST 2024: Race and Ethnic Relations; ETST 2105: African American Contemporary Social Issues; ETST 2294: Race and Media; ETST 2357: Asian Amerian & Pacific Islander Cultures (GT Pathways); ETST 2400: Issues in Chicano/a Education; ETST 2496: American Indian Literature; and ETST 2606: The American Indian Experience. If you are interested in learning more about teaching through our CU Succeed Ethnic Studies program as either a Gold or Silver instructor please contact our Coordinator, Dr. Elizabeth Garcia at or our Business Operation Coordinator, Alexandria Joo at You can also learn more about teaching through the CU Succeed Program here.