Graduation Procedures

Graduation Procedures

Undergraduate Students

Communication majors should apply for graduation in the Advising Office of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in North Classroom room 1030 at the beginning of the semester in which they plan to graduate.

Graduate Students

During the semester you plan to graduate, there are several forms you must submit. Each form must be submitted before the required deadline. Missing any one of the key deadlines will postpone your graduation until the following semester. Use the following link for forms and deadlines:

Master's Resources​

Students who have written a thesis have additional responsibilities in the semester in which they graduate. They must submit the thesis to the Graduate School for format review, which typically takes place about six weeks prior to the end of the semester. Once students have made the changes required in the format review, students should follow the guidelines in Guidelines for Preparing Master's and Doctoral Theses (pdf) concerning number of copies required and the submission deadline.