Communication Internships

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The Power of Internships

Internships are becoming increasingly important. A difficult economic environment means students face unprecedented challenges as they look to start their career. An internship helps a student get their foot in the door and provides employers with the potential talent to help them grow their business.​​

Details and Requirements

To qualify to register for internships in Communication, undergraduate students must be Communication majors and have a cumulative GPA of 2.75.

Students typically receive 3 hours of academic credit for a one-semester internship in which they work between 15 and 30 hours a week. Communication majors may complete up to 9 hours of internship credit over the course of the degree program.

Internships are considered an exit course for the Communication major. An internship also may count as the one upper division elective required for the major.

The internship for undergraduate students involves not only work experience but regular meetings throughout the semester with other internship students in Communication, the completion of essays that focus on the application of communication concepts and theories to the work experience, a case study from the work experience, and a final presentation based on the case study. The grade assigned for the internship is computed on the basis of the quality of the academic assignments, attendance at the meetings, and the employer's evaluation of the work produced.

Additional Information

Megan Hurson, Internship Director
Department of Communication

Student Commons Building
1201 Larimer Street, Room 3006

To initiate an internship or to obtain more information about internships, students first should visit the Experiential Learning Center. ​