Research Opportunities

Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to pursue options for individualized study through internships, service learning, independent studies and thesis projects. When grants and funding allow, students may have opportunities to participate in faculty research as research assistants. 


Undergraduate students may produce original research by pursuing magna and summa cum laude Latin honors project. Latin honors projects require the completion of COMM 4700 - Writing Practicum. Magna or summa cum laude honors are determined by the quality of the project the student completes; summa cum laude honors are the highest Latin honors available. The completion of COMM 4700 counts towards the 39 hours of Communication credit needed to fulfill the requirements for the major, and may also count as a required exit course.

Graduate Students

Students in the academic track of our MA program may elect to pursue thesis research under faculty supervision or complete an original research project of substance. Four to six thesis credit hours are required for the thesis option. Students interested in pursuing research should talk to the Director of Graduate Studies at least one to two semesters before they intend to begin a project.