Archaeological Studies

As part of the MA degree, students earn between six and 18 credit hours in a research concentration.

The archaeology studies program concentrates on the study of past human societies using archaeological data collected in field and museum settings. While a quantitative and scientific approach is emphasized in the archaeology program, both political economy and cultural ecology are emphasized as theoretical perspectives. Theoretical, methodological and area courses are offered. In addition, internships are available in a variety of local museums and historic preservation offices in the Denver area. These courses may be supplemented by courses in the geology, geography and history departments.


  • ANTH 5210, Archaeology of the American Southwest
  • ANTH 5320, Archaeology of Mexico and Central America
  • ANTH 5330, Lithic Analysis
  • ANTH 5380, Archaeology of Hunter-Gatherers
  • ANTH 5400, Archaeology of Power and Inequality
  • ANTH 5570, Landscape Archaeology
  • ANTH 5580, Neanderthals and the Origin of Modern Humans
  • ANTH 5910, Field Experience in Archaeology
  • GEOG 5060, Remote Sensing
  • GEOG 5080, Geographic Information Systems
  • GEOG 5220, Environmental Impact Assessment
  • HIST 5231, History in Museums
  • HIST 5232, Historic Preservation
  • HIST 5233, Historical Images
  • HIST 5234, Introduction to Public History

Fulltime Archaeology Faculty

Christopher Beekman (PhD, Vanderbilt University, 1996)

Archaeological theory and methods; political systems; settlement patterns and agriculture; Ceramic analysis; Mesoamerica, esp. West Mexico
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Jamie M. Hodgkins (PhD, Arizona State University, 2012)

Zooarchaeology, paleoecology, paleoanthropology, isotopic bone chemistry, Middle and Upper Paleolithic
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Tiffany Terneny (PhD, University of Texas-Austin, 2005)

South Texas historic/prehistory, mortuary and forensic archaeology
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Archaeologists from CU-Boulder, the University of Denver, Metropolitan State College of Denver and other institutions also regularly serve on UCD Master's Degree committees, giving UCD students access to the wide range of specialties and talents present in the Metro Denver area.