Transfer Student Information

You are probably reading this page because, like many of our students, you have questions regarding transfer credit in anthropology from another university or college. You may be concerned about whether your anthropology credit will transfer, and if so, whether it will count for any of our required courses.

In most cases, transfer questions have to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Generally speaking, however, the following seem to hold true in most cases:

  • Any course in anthropology, identified on your transcript as such, taken at an accredited college or university in the U.S., and many outside the U.S., and for which you earned a grade of C or better, will count as credit toward the total unit requirements of the major and/or minor.
  • Basic introductory courses in biological, cultural and archaeological anthropology will count toward our required introductory courses (Anthropology 1302, 1303, and 2102).
  • For all other courses (the 3000-level core courses), we encourage you to stop in and see us to assess whether you are transferring equivalent courses. It is helpful if you have a syllabus of the course, an old catalog, or any other information that will enable us to determine whether the course is equivalent to our own. Click here to ask a specific question or request an appointment via e-mail.

What about courses taken outside anthropology? Can you tell me whether these meet college or university requirements?

No, unfortunately, we cannot evaluate any but anthropology course credit. For this you should consult with your advisor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences advising office (303-556-2555).

I'm transferring from a Colorado community college. Can you tell me whether the courses I've taken will transfer?

The University of Colorado at Denver accepts courses taken at any of the state's community colleges. If you are currently enrolled in a community college and wish to plan your program so that you meet all UCD requirements, please consult the admissions office. They have a special page for community college transfer students.

I'm transferring several courses from another university. Are there any requirements as to how many courses I have to take at UC Denver to graduate?

Yes, these are called residency requirements:

  • If you are intending to major in anthropology, at least 21 credit hours must be taken from UC Denver faculty
  • If you are intending to minor in anthropology, at least 9 credit hours must be taken from UC Denver faculty

Remember that the University and the College also have residency requirements. Generally speaking, your last 30 credit hours must be taken at UC Denver.

We hope we've answered a few of your questions. In any case, we urge you to contact us to make sure that both you and we know what courses are eligible for transfer.