Minor in Anthropology Requirements

Completing a minor in anthropology will give you an excellent introduction to the field. You will be exposed to the basic concepts of the field—for example, evolution, adaptation and cultural diversity—and will have an opportunity to take advanced courses with some of our internationally known faculty.

The logic of the minor is straightforward: all students must complete a core of introductory and core theory courses, followed by a small number of upper division electives.

General Requirements for the Minor

A minimum of 18 semester hours in anthropology must be completed with a grade of C- (1.5) or better in each course, effective AY 2018-19. Nine of the 18 hours must be upper division and nine must be taken from UC Denver faculty.

Take Three of the Following (9-11 credit hours):

  • ANTH 1302, Introduction to Archaeology (four credit hours)
  • ANTH 1303, Introduction to Biological Anthropology (four credit hours)
  • ANTH 2102, Culture and the Human Experience (three credit hours)
  • ANTH 3101, Foundations of Cultural Anthropology (three credit hours)
  • ANTH 3301, World Prehistory (three credit hours)
  • ANTH 3512, Issues in Human Evolution (three credit hours)

Elective Courses: 7-9 credit hours needed