B.A. Degree Requirements

Logic of the Major

The major in anthropology begins with introductory courses designed to acquaint students with the basic history, methods, and perspectives of the discipline. Introductory courses are followed by an upper division core which focuses principally on a more advanced, and principally theoretical, survey of the major fields of anthropology -- archaeology, cultural anthropology, and  biological/physical anthropology. Students round out their majors by choosing from a wide variety of elective courses which feature in-depth, topical, and theoretical investigations into particular dimensions of the human experience.


Candidates for the B.A. degree may compete for honors in anthropology.

Current Major Requirements (Effective Spring Semester, 2009)

Students majoring in anthropology for the B.A. degree in anthropology must declare such by the time they have completed 60 semester hours. Majors must complete a minimum of 40 semester hours in anthropology with a grade of C- (1.5) or higher in each course, effective AY 2018-19.  At least 24 hours must be at the upper-division level and a minimum of 21 semester hours must be taken from UC Denver faculty. (Note that most upper-division courses have lower-division prerequisites).

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Required Courses -- 20 credits

  • ANTH 1302 Introduction to Archaeology -- 4 credits
  • ANTH 1303 Introduction to Biological Anthropology -- 4 credits
  • ANTH 2102 Culture and the Human Experience -- 3 credits
  • ANTH 3101 Foundations of Cultural Anthropology -- 3 credits
  • ANTH 3301 World Prehistory -- 3 credits
  • ANTH 3512 Human Evolution -- 3 credits

Remaining Elective Courses: 20 credits

Recommended Courses to include in electives:
  • ANTH 4050 Quantitative Methods in Anthropology -- 3 credits
  • ANTH 4810 Integrating Anthropology -- 3 credits

Requirements for students enrolled prior to Fall 2001

Requirements for the major have changed four times over the past decade. Students are subject to the requirements in effect at the time they declared the major. If you are uncertain of which year and semester you declared your major, you may visit the Student Information System (through the Registrar's Office), and call up an unofficial copy of your transcript. This will indicate when your major was officially recorded by the system.