The graduate admissions process is selective and personal--you apply directly to the department you are considering. We will guide and assist you with understanding and completing the application requirements, and also notify you of your admission status.

We know the admissions process can sometimes seem complicated, so if you have questions about the admissions process that are difficult to answer, we encourage you to contact us anytime.

Application Deadlines:

February 15 (priority deadline); March 15 (final deadline)

Our final application deadline is March 15 for admission the following fall.  All of the required application documents must be received by this date. It is the applicant’s responsibility to follow-up with the Graduate School 303-315-2183 to confirm that submitted documents were received.

If you wish to be considered for Teaching Assistant positions or graduate fellowships, we strongly recommend you apply by February 15. Applications received by February 15 will receive priority consideration for funding, and those received after that date will be considered on an as-needed basis.

The graduate program in Anthropology is an active participant in the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education’s Western Regional Graduate Program (WICHE).  Students from WICHE states (Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming) pay in-state tuition while maintaining residency in their home state.  Just indicate in your application packet that you wish to take advantage of this program.

Admission Requirements

Application is open to holders of a B.A., B.S., or higher degree in any field*. We welcome applications from individuals pursuing particular interests and careers, especially those related to one of the department's areas of concentration. Acceptance to the program is competitive and based on the application as a whole rather than preference in any one area:

  • Apply Online: Domestic and International
  • An undergraduate record of good quality ( minimum 3.0 GPA or higher for all undergraduate studies)
  • One copy of transcripts from all undergraduate/graduate institutions attended are required.**
  • Prior training in anthropology (see below for details)
  • GRE scores are optional, not required. We will not penalize you if you don't take the GRE or submit GRE scores; we will evaluate your application on the basis of the evidence you submit. We understand that there are multiple methods of demonstrating your ability to succeed in graduate school. GREs are only one measure, and thus if submitted will be taken into account along with all other submitted material.
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Statement of applicant's goals, both in graduate school and in their career after completing our program

No Prior Training in Anthropology?

Our core classes assume some prior training and familiarity with social scientific theories and methods, so we encourage you to gain the necessary background before applying to the graduate program. However, we do have students with little to no prior training in Anthropology who are quite successful in our program. Having no prior training in Anthropology should not discourage you from applying. Students without prior anthropology training should consult with their advisors upon admission as to whether they feel sufficiently prepared to succeed in the program's required core classes. If not, they may wish to take classes as a non-degree student or work with their advisors to gain adequate preparation during the summer prior to commencing their graduate studies.

**Transcripts and other supplemental documents not uploaded to application should be mailed to the Graduate Education at the following address:

University of Colorado Denver
Graduate School, CB 163
P.O. Box 173364
Denver, CO  80217