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Office Hours: W 1:30-4:30 pm (Since I will be between the lab and office, please send an email)


In review           Hodgkins J, Marean CW, Venter VA, Richardson L, Roberts P, Zech J, Difford M, Copeland SR, Orr CO, Keller HM, Lee-Thorp JA. An isotopic test of the seasonal migration hypothesis for large grazing ungulates inhabiting the Palaeo-Agulhas Plain. Quaternary Science Reviews

2019                Pothier Bouchard G, Mentzer SM, Riel-Salvatore J, Hodgkins J, Miller CE, Negrino F, Wogelius R, Buckley M. Portable FTIR for on-site screening of archaeological bone intended for ZooMS collagen fingerprint analysis. Journal of Archeological Science: Reports. 26: 101862

2019                  Hirniak J, Smith E, Johnsen R, Ren M, Hodgkins J, Orr C, Negrino F, Riel-Salvatore J, Fitch S, Miller CE., Zerboni A, Mariani GS., Harris J, Gravel-Miguel C, Strait D, Peresani M, Benazzi S, Marean CW. A preliminary report on cryptotephra investigations from the archaeological sites Arma Veirana and Riparo Bombrini of Northwest ItalyIn prep for Journal of Quaternary Science, Special Issue: INTAV Tephra. 

2018                 Hodgkins J, Le Roux P, Marean CW, Penkman K, Crisp M, Fisher, E, Lee-Thorp JA. The role of ostrich in shaping the landscape use patterns of humans and hyenas on the southern coast of South Africa during the late Pleistocene. In: Pilaar Birch S (ed.) Multispecies Archaeology. Taylor & Francis/Routledge: Oxford, pp.333

2018                 Hodgkins J. Taphonomical and zooarchaeological analysis of Bordes’ excavated material from levels I2 and Y-Z. In: Dibble HL, McPherron SM, Goldberg P, Sandgathe D. (eds.) The Middle Paleolithic Site of Pech de l’Azé IV. Springer: New York, pp.83

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2017                 Hodgkins J and Marean CW. New information from old excavations: A comparative analysis of Paleolithic zooarchaeological assemblages from the Zagros Mountains. In: Biglari F, Mashkour M, Shidrang S (eds.) The Pleistocene Archaeology of the Iranian Plateau, Iraq and the Caucasus. National Museum of Iran Paleolithic Studies Series, No. 1, National Museum of Iran, Tehran

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2016                 Strait DS, Orr CM, Hodgkins J, Spassov N, Gurova M, Miller C, Tzankov T.  
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2014                 Morin E, Delagnes A, Armand D, Castel J-C, Hodgkins J. Millennial-scale change in archaeofaunas and their implications for Mousterian lithic variability in southwest France. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology. 36:158-180

2011                 Sandgathe DM, Dibble HL, Goldberg P, McPherron SP, Turq A, Niven L, Hodgkins J. On the Role of Fire in Neandertal Adaptations in Western Europe: Evidence from Pech de l’Azé IV and Roc de Marsal, France. Paleoanthropology 2011: 216-242

2011                 Sandgathe DM, Dibble HL, Goldberg P,  McPherron SP, Turq A, Niven L, Hodgkins J. Timing of the appearance of habitual fire use. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. 108:E298

*2018 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Teaching Excellence Award Winner

Introduction to Biological Anthropology (ANTH 1303)

Archaeological Research Design and Analysis (ANTH 6317)

North American Archaeology (ANTH 3315)

Neanderthals and the Origins of Modern Humans (Anth 4580/5580)

Past, Present, and Future Human Environmental Impacts (Anth 3700), High Impact Practice

Zooarchaeology (ANTH 4121/5121)

Human Evolution (ANTH 3512)