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Come see us in-person in the new City Heights Learning Commons, the Business School Building, or at the Auraria Library!   

The new Learning Commons wing of the City Heights Residence Hall is located immediately across 12th street from the Lola & Rob Salazar Student Wellness Center and the Student Commons Building on Larimer Street. 

We're available for in-person sessions in the Learning Commons: 

  • Monday - Thursday, 9am-5pm
  • Friday, 9am-2pm

When you arrive, make yourself comfortable in the open floor plan. At the time of your appointment, head to the center of the 1st floor/toward the "Writing Center Lobby" high-top table to meet your consultant. You can also look for anyone wearing a PURPLE lanyard. 

Learning more about our services at the Business School Building or the Auraria Library

We still offer two versions of online writing support: asynchronous ("drop-off") support via our Undergraduate Drop Box and Graduate Drop Box + synchronous (real-time online) support via both the Learning Commons schedule and the CU Anschutz schedule. Synchronous-online sessions are facilitated through WCOnline. You can also request to work via Zoom. Please click the links in this paragraph to learn more about each service. 

Please send questions or concerns to