Graduate Drop Box

This service is reserved exclusively for graduate students. 

Undergraduates: Please see the Undergraduate Drop Box​ page. 

Faculty: please see the Faculty Drop Box​ page.

To get started using the Graduate Drop Box, login to WCOnline and choose the Graduate Drop Box schedule. If you don't yet have an account, you'll first need to register.

This asynchronous service provides: 

  • focused feedback on a maximum of 20 double-spaced pages of writing (per submission) 
  • commentary on up to 1-3 higher order concerns (thesis, argument, analysis, organization, etc.)
  • commentary on up to 1-3 lower order concerns (grammar, syntax, citation, word choice, etc.) 
  • feedback within 2 days (48 hours)


Need-to-Know Information:

  • You are limited to one submission/appointment per week.
  • You must attach a file to your appointment by the start time of your appointment or your appointment will be canceled. You can attach a file or files at the bottom of the appointment pop-up window.  
  • When your submission has been reviewed, you will receive 2 auto-notification emails from The Writing Center at CU Denver. The first email will contain the document you uploaded for review with comments from the consultant. The second email will ask you to "Please provide feedback..." about your session. Please note that these emails sometimes hit the Junk/Spam folders.

Other Important Policies:

  • The expected wait time to have a submission reviewed is 2 days from the appointment date/time you select within the WCOnline schedule. If we can respond sooner, we will, though this is never guaranteed. 
    • For example: If your appointment is at 10am on Monday, you should receive feedback no later than Wednesday at 10am. ​​
  • This is not a copyediting service: Consultants will not edit, proofread, or rewrite your paper for you. They will provide general and specific feedback about how your writing (and document) can be improved. For more focused help on the grammatical aspects of your paper, please make an appointment for our in-person or synchronous online services 
  • Confirmation of Visit forms will not be provided for Drop Box sessions; the letter and comments on your draft can be used as proof of attendance. 
  • FINALLY: Do not simultaneously​ submit a document to the Graduate Drop Box AND make in-Center or synchronous online appointments to work on the same composition without first speaking with the Director or Assistant Director. Overlapping appointments to work on the same document will be canceled.