Please email your Faculty Drop Box requests directly to for assistance. Thank you! 

The Writing Center offers specialized assistance to faculty at CU Denver, CU Anschutz, and CU South Denver through our Faculty Drop Box. This service is designed to assist faculty with integrating writing across the curriculum, developing and scaffolding writing assignments, grading student writing, and effectively commenting on student work. Faculty members can submit assignment prompts, rubrics, and course materials to our Faculty Drop Box for feedback. In response to their submission, faculty will receive a summary letter along with in-text comments highlighting specific areas for revision.

Feedback for faculty is provided by either the Writing Center Director or Assistant Director within four days, and submitted documents are never shared with students or other Writing Center staff. Following this feedback, we will be happy to meet with faculty individually to discuss revisions, answer questions, and support the development of new course materials.

To begin using the Faculty Drop Box, login to WCOnline and choose the “Faculty Drop Box” schedule from the dropdown menu. If you don’t yet have an account, you’ll first need to register.

Need-to-Know Information: 

  • The expected wait time to have your submission reviewed is four days from the appointment date you select within the WCOnline schedule. If we can respond sooner, we will, though this is never guaranteed.
  • ​You do not come to the Writing Center or login anywhere at the time of your Online Drop Box appointment (the entire process happens asynchronously/online).
  • You must attach a file to your appointment. You can attach files at the bottom of the pop-up appointment window. Do so immediately, as the Director or Assistant Director could begin reviewing your file at any time.
  • When your submission has been reviewed, you will receive an auto-notification email from the Writing Center at CU Denver. These emails are sometimes directed to the Junk folder. You will also receive an email asking you to “Please provide feedback” about your session. Once you receive one of these emails, login to WCOnline, open your appointment, and scroll down to retrieve the attached file(s).
  • The Writing Center Director and Assistant Director are happy to meet with faculty individually to discuss revisions, answer questions, and support the development of new class materials.

Faculty may also be interested in reviewing our various handouts on teaching writing