Graduate Drop Box LIVE

This service is reserved exclusively for graduate students. 

The Graduate Drop Box Live allows grad students -- ideally with longer (10+ page) documents -- the opportunity to work (online, in real time) with a consultant after that consultant has had a chance to read over their document. Work on shorter documents is also allowed. No asynchronous comments/feedback are provided. 

Graduate students who want asynchronous comments/feedback on their writing should make an appointment on the Graduate Drop Box schedule

Undergraduates: Please see the Undergraduate Drop Box​ page. 

Faculty: please see the Faculty Drop Box​ page.

To get started using the Graduate Drop Box LIVE, login to WCOnline and choose the Graduate Drop Box Live schedule. If you don't yet have an account, you'll first need to register.

This service is both synchronous AND asynchronous: 

  • Your appointment time is synchronous/live-online: You and a consultant will meet online to talk about and work collaboratively with your writing. 
  • You must upload a document at least 1 hour prior to your appointment time: Your consultant will use this time to read the document before your live-online meeting and prepare notes. This aspect of the service is asynchronous. 
  • This service is ideal for longer (10+ page) documents or thesis/capstone/dissertation-length compositions. 


Need-to-Know Information:

  • You are limited to one appointment per week and two appointments per month on this schedule. 
  • You must attach a file to your appointment at least one hour prior to your appointment or your appointment will be canceled. You can attach a file or files at the bottom of the appointment pop-up window.  
  • Appointments cannot be made within one hour prior to the appointment start time (as this is the time when the consultant needs to read your document). 
  • You must login to WCOnline, open your appointment, and click Start or Join Online Consultation at least 5 minutes before your appointment start time or your appointment will be canceled. 

Other Important Policies:

  • This is not a copyediting service: Consultants will not edit, proofread, or rewrite your paper for you as they read it. They will make notes for what to discuss/collaborate on during your live-online session together.
  • Confirmation of Visit forms CAN be provided for sessions on the Graduate Drop Box Live schedule. 
  • FINALLY: Do not simultaneously​ submit a document to the Graduate Drop Box AND the Graduate Drop Box Live service. Overlapping appointments to work on the same document will be canceled.