carol achzigerCarol Achziger
Grant Development Coordinator

Carol coordinates grants and contracts activities within the college. She acts as a liaison between those preparing proposals and the Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC). Carol assists Principal Investigators (PIs) in the preparation and submission of grant proposals and contracts by interfacing with the PI and the OCG to ensure that all forms and submission requirements are met so that the submission is successful. She also tracks awards, facilitates report submission, and serves as a resource for information regarding external funding opportunities.


elizabeth leeElizabeth Nylander
Grant Post Award Specialist

Elizabeth manages active CLAS grants and contracts. She assists principal investigators with tasks such as tracking budget, processing reimbursements, set up and payment to subcontractors and vendors, creation of sponsored project journal entries and payroll expense transfers, assisting with project closeout and billing, and financial reporting required by sponsors.