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Inclusive Excellence at CU Denver


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The University of Colorado Denver believes in the importance of our obligation as an urban serving university to commit ourselves to the mission of inclusive excellence. The success of our institution depends on creating a campus culture which fosters belonging, growth mindset, equity, and justice. 


What is Inclusive Excellence?

Making excellence inclusive is an active process through which colleges and universities achieve excellence in learning, teaching, student development, institutional functioning, and engagement in local and global communities. A high-quality ... education should be the standard of excellence for all students. The action of making excellence inclusive requires that we uncover inequities in student success, identify effective educational practices, and build such practices organically for sustained institutional change. (AACU, 2016, para. 2).

Promoting an inclusive culture at the University is a priority as deliniated in the University's Strategic Plan.

The University has dedicated resources and sought funding opportunities to increase the capacity for inclusive excellence on campus.