A Framework of College Student Buy-in to Evidence-Based Teaching Practices in STEM: The Roles of Trust and Growth Mindset      

April 13, 2022

A common issue arises when instructors attempt to incorporate EBPs into their courses, the students don’t always embrace the change. In order to effectively implement EBPs the instructor needs to value the practice and know how to implement it, but the students also need to be open to the deviation...

Grade Expectations: The Role of First Year Grades in Predicting the Pursuit of STEM Majors for First- and Continuing-Generation Students

March 15, 2022

This study looks at the impact first-year STEM grades have on the persistence of first- and continuing-generation college students. First-year introductory STEM courses are often cited as the reason for leaving STEM. Thompson found that grades in these courses differentially impact first- and continuing-generation college students even when prior preparation...

Professors' fixed mindset beliefs negatively impact the belonging of all students, and undermine the performance of women in STEM courses

March 3, 2022

This paper outlines the results of two studies on how the mindset beliefs of STEM faculty impact student outcomes. Both studies collected students' perceptions of professor’s mindset beliefs, based on cues in a syllabus and based on early experience in the course. The studies also collected perceived or experience of professor’s endorsement of gender stereotypes, the students' expected or experienced sense of belonging in the course.

Engaging in science practices in classrooms predicts increases in undergraduates' STEM motivation, identity, and achievement: A short-term longitudinal study

March 3, 2022

Having seen the benefits of authentic scientific practices for students in STEM laboratory courses and undergraduate research experiences, the researchers aimed to study the effect of those same practices in introductory STEM lecture courses. Research has shown that engagement in scientific practices leads to improved STEM identity and motivation. STEM...