Graduate students in Communication may complete up to six credit hours of internship (COMM 5939) as part of their elective requirements. Internships typically involve three credit hours, which means that students may complete two internships. Students who choose to complete two internships must work in two different organizations for the internships; they cannot be done in the same organization.

Students typically work between 15 and 30 hours a week for a three-credit internship and complete academic assignments that require the application of communication theory to the work experience.

Internships for graduate students are supervised by full-time faculty members in the Communication Department (internships cannot be supervised by adjunct/honorarium faculty or instructors). Faculty members and the graduate students together determine the nature of the academic work that the student will complete to supplement the work experience of the internship.

Additional Information

To initiate an internship or to obtain more information about internships, graduate students first should visit the Experiential Learning Center. They then will work with the faculty member in the Communication Department who has expertise in the area on which the internship will focus.