Can I receive credit for my internship?

Yes. You can complete up to six credit hours. This can take many forms: you might register for two three-credit internships; three two-credit internships; or another combination based on your needs. Internships are considered an exit course. To register, you'll need to have signatures from your site supervisor and faculty coordinator. You will register for COMM 3939. More information.

Are there prerequisites for this course?

You must be a declared Communication major, with a GPA of at least 2.75. Also, you need to have completed at least 15 credit hours of COMM coursework, including COMM 1011.

How many hours will I need to work?

Typically, students enroll in a three-credit internship, which requires that you complete 135 hours of work during the course of the semester. (You can also enroll for fewer credit hours: one credit = 45 hours, two credits = 90 hours). Hours can only be completed during the semester in which you are registered. No credit for prior work can be awarded.

Can I receive more than three credits for an internship?

No. Three credits is the maximum allowed for any one internship, and only one internship is allowable per semester.

Can I earn credit for prior experience?

No. You may receive credit for an internship only during the semester in which the experience is being obtained.

If I like my internship, can I just continue for another semester and get another three credits?

The department cannot grant credit for the same experience twice. However, in the past, some students have been able to find an internship within the same organization, but with a new job description. For example, in an advertising company, you might work on the creative side one semester, and then round out your experience working on the account side the next semester. In other words, you would need to be under a new supervisor, and in a new department for the internship to be considered.

Can I receive credit for my current job?

It is extremely rare for the department to grant credit for a pre-existing job. However, on occasion, if a student obtains a job that provides exceptional experience in a particular area of the communication field, a position may be approved. If you have a position that you would like considered, you will need to submit a one page proposal (two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester in which you intend to earn credit) to the internship coordinator that includes the following:

  • name of company
  • your title
  • a description of your duties
  • a description of an additional project that you will undertake during the semester in which you receive credit (must be approved by your direct workplace supervisor)
  • your supervisor's title, along with a description of his or her credentials in the field of communication

The department chair and the internship coordinator will review your application and render a decision in a timely matter.

Can I earn internship credit by working for an on-campus club?

No. Our commitment is to help students procure the very best internship experience possible. Therefore, we place our students in professional organizations or corporations, working under seasoned supervisors who will deliver excellent training, supervision and advice.

Can I intern at my family business?

No. In an effort to avoid any conflict of interest in terms of supervision, we do not approve internships at organizations run by the student's family.