Tanya Buxton

Geography and Environmental Science
After many years of field work, data collection and project assistance, I understand the value and importance of integrating geospatial analysis and geographic information systems (GIS) with ecosystem project efforts. Within the first months of immersing myself in GIS studies, my curiosity and fascination only grew. I am excited to begin the next phase of my career by combining scientific knowledge with the technical capabilities of GIS.

Mehdi Haris

Architecture and Planning
Mehdi P. Heris is pursuing his PhD in design and planning at the University of Colorado Denver. He contributes to several research projects in the Environmental Design program and Urban Futures Lab at CU Boulder. His main research focus includes urban policy analysis and the ways policies influence urban form, environment, and climate. He extensively uses GIS to evaluate the built environment and policy effects. In his dissertation, he explores...

Thomas Horner

Geography and Environmental Science
I am a GIS developer with proficient knowledge in the use of GIS (as well as a strong foundation and knowledge of the concepts of GIScience and Technology) to improve society’s understanding of the world. Due to an extensive computer science background, I also develop web-based GIS and geospatial applications, harnessing the latest in web technologies in an attempt to tap into the exciting new potential of the integration of...

Ricardo Oliveira

Geography and Environmental Science
I’m a Geography student with strong interest in GIS and other geo technology matters, my background lies strongly in the field of Urban Geography and Economic Geography. Through the use of GIS I seek to understand how our cities came together and how transportation works to connect our urban systems. For the past year my main subject of study has been the city of São Paulo, Brazil where I try...

Isaac Rivera

Geography and Environmental Science
I am a graduate student in geography with a strong passion for service learning and citizen science via geospatial technologies. With my academic background in political geography and political ecology, I seek to integrate critical theory with GIS technologies as a means to greater understand the vast complexities and possibilities of GIS Science. In particular, I am very interested in using cultural, historical, and geographic knowledge to greater expand the...

Deborah Roth

Civil Engineering
I am a science and technical project coordinator with a passion for analysis and visualization. Over the past ten years, I have provided logistical and planning support to scientific research with the U.S. Antarctic Program and an environmental remediation group in Colorado. As I move towards a new career in GIS, I have been able to practice my cartographic skills and exercise my spatial reasoning as an intern with the...