These days it is more and more common that job announcements and professional development request FOSS and FOSS4G skills and knowledge. The GIS Industry Outlook annual review predicts continuous growth in the area of FOSS4G. Private software and companies are becoming more interested and active in the field of FOSS4G. Read, for example, about ESRI and Open Source here.

The CU Denver FOSS4G Lab offers many opportunities to expand your skills and involvement in the open source GISc&T community.  We are always looking for motivated students interested in working with the Lab.  Click on the following links to read more about the core activities and coordinator positions that make up our student-faculty steering committee.

Events Coordination Promotions and Outreach Course Development 

Fundraising and Administration Educational Resources

Interested in getting involved?
Click here to contact Dr. Rafael Moreno

What will you get in return?

  • Letter/Diploma of Recognition: Documentation of your hours invested. A great addition to your resume: It shows you go the extra mile and you are committed and excited about Geographic Information Science and Technology (GISc&T)
  • Internship or Independent Study: If the participation is significant in length and work developed, we can structure your involvement as an internship or directed study for graduation purposes.
  • Expand your GISc&T education and skills.
  • Using the CU Denver FOSS4G Lab as a showcase for your work: If you develop tutorials, videos or any other educational materials or applications of FOSS4G, we will post them in the CU Denver FOSS4G Lab. This gives them regional, national and international visibility;  A great impact as a publication venue for your work, resume and professional image.
  • Professional networking: Opportunity to connect with invited presenters, GISc&T community interested in FOSS4G (large and distinguished in Colorado), faculty and students throughout CU Denver, and attendees to presentations and workshops. This great networking opportunity has impact on your education and potentially on your professional future. For example, you could be working with a future employer or someone that can recommend you for a job or internship opening.
  • International networking: Meet and work with students and faculty from any of the approximately 100 FOSS4G labs around the world. See for a full listing.