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Welcome to FOSS4G at CU Denver

In association with OSGeo and the International Cartographic Association

The creativity, dynamism and high-profile success stories of the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial applications (FOSS4G) movement are attracting increasing attention from end users, developers, businesses, governments, educators, students and researchers around the world. FOSS4G technologies are critical for both developed and developing countries for education, government and industry applications.

Combining the features and development philosophy of FOSS4G with open data, open standards and private solutions will accelerate new discoveries for helping to solve global cross-disciplinary societal challenges from Climate Change mitigation and adaptation to sustainable cities.

About FOSS4G

Take a look at the following 15-minute YouTube video describing the basics of FOSS4G:

For more information on the background, importance and opportunities offered by FOSS4G, please read the brief publication listed below. It contains multiple references to sources of information about diverse aspects of FOSS4G opportunities, challenges, development and applications:

Moreno-Sanchez, R. 2012. Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial applications (FOSS4G): A mature alternative in the geospatial technologies arena. Transactions in GIS 16(2): 81-88

In the following interview, Helena Mitasova from NCSU talks about the OSGeo Lab network with Directions Magazine