Geography and Environmental Science

I am a graduate student in geography with a strong passion for service learning and citizen science via geospatial technologies. With my academic background in political geography and political ecology, I seek to integrate critical theory with GIS technologies as a means to greater understand the vast complexities and possibilities of GIS Science. In particular, I am very interested in using cultural, historical, and geographic knowledge to greater expand the utility of GIS technologies for indigenous peoples’ rights for self-determination. Within geography, my cartographic interests feed into my research and teaching inquiries at the nexus of legal geography and political ecology.


Some further research interests and current endeavors include:

  • Environmental governance and the politics of carbon finance
  • Quantitative and qualitative political ecology
  • Denver gentrification
  • Environmental Justice
  • Indigenous Politics
  • Critical Cartography
  • My GIS tools of choice including R, QGIS, PostGIS, CartoDB, and Google Earth Engine.