Please compose and submit a memo to the committee outlining the request and the justification for requesting the new certificate.​

Minimum Credit Hours

  • 12 (may be interdisciplinary) 

Minimum Upper Division Credit Hours

  •  6 for an undergraduate certificate
  • all courses for a graduate certificate must be graduate-level (may be interdisciplinary) 

Minimum Hours in Residency

  • Because a certificate is a CU certification of a student's specialized knowledge in an advanced subject matter, all courses in a certificate program are expected to be taken in residency at UC Denver. Exceptions can be made when a department makes its case to EPCC.

Minimum GPA and Allowable Grades

  • 2.0 minimum GPA with no course below a C for an undergraduate certificate
  • 3.0 minimum GPA with no course below a B- for a graduate certificate

Admissions Requirements

  • Designed at the department's discretion. 
  • The opinion of the EPCC is that if a student receives a​ minor or major from a department, those same courses can be used toward the requirements for a certificate, however a single course may not fulfill more than a total of two graduation requirements.  Programs may restrict students’ ability to double dip courses as long as they are explicit and that language is in the academic catalog.  Upon confirmation of completion by the department, certificates are reported on a semester basis to be added to the student's transcript.​