Please compose and submit a memo to the committee outlining the request and the justification for requesting the new minor.​

  • Minimum credit hours: 15 (may be interdisciplinary)
  • Minimum upper division credit hours: 6
  • Minimum hours in residency: 9
  • Minimum GPA and allowable grades: 2.0 minimum GPA, with a minumum grade of C- or higher
  • A single course may not fulfill more than a total of two graduation requirements. Programs may restrict students’ ability to double dip courses as long as they are explicit and that language is in the academic catalog.

Admissions requirement: CU/CLAS existing requirements

In addition, for interdisciplinary minors, EPCC would like to see:

  • an introductory course to with a multidisciplinary approach or theme
  • an upper division capstone or theory course that synthesizes material
  • a list of electives that can be taken and/or an indication that an advisor will oversee the choices so that there is some coherence in the grouping.