The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences reserves the right to administratively drop a student from a course if s/he has not met all system enforced (ISIS enforced) requisites or met the attendance policies as stated in course syllabi, with the approval of the appropriate assistant/associate dean. The student will be notified that an administrative drop will occur prior to that action taking place. If no administrative drop occurs, the student will be held accountable for all coursework and may receive a W or a failing grade and will be financially responsible for tuition and fees, unless a request to drop is made by the student, according to academic calendar deadlines.

All administrative drops must occur prior to Census so that students do not receive a W on the transcript and are not held financially responsible for full tuition, though there may be fees incurred that students are financially responsible for paying. In the case of an administrative error, students may petition to drop a course through their CLAS advisor. If approved students will be dropped from the course, will not receive a W on the transcript and will receive a tuition refund.